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A heartbreak is a blessing from God. It’s just God’s way of letting you realize he saved you from the wrong one. 

A heartbreak is a blessing from God. It’s just God’s way of letting you realize he saved you from the wrong one. 

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    -this is so true..I WILL NEVER BELIEVE YOU AGAIN….NEVER…- 51
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ME,ME,ME :D (ye..this is ME) *Lazy: I love being lazy, just hanging around doing nothing, watching movies, reading, listening to music, or whatever. *Funny: After I get to know people better and am more relaxed around them, I open up and am quite a funny and fun person. *Understanding: I’m a very understanding person. I always put myself in the other person’s shoes and try to understand what they’re feeling, what they’re thinking and where they come from. I try to never be judgemental and to always give people the benefit of the doubt. *Open Minded: I’m always open to listen to new ideas and views and try to understand them even if they are the opposite to mine. It doesn’t mean I’ll be convinced but I am willing to fully listen and learn of other points of view. *Crazy: I’m somehow a bit crazy in a fun sense. People usually think I’m a very serious person, but that’s only because they don’t see the other crazy side of me. My bzpren, family and close friends are the only people who truly see the extent of where my madness goes. Poor them *Friend: I’m a very good friend. I’m always there for my friends, ready to listen, give advice and help. Plus I’m the best secret-keeper in the world. *Listener: Through listening, you learn a lot of things. You learn from the speaker’s ideas, experiences, and learned lessons. Besides when you’re a speaker, and when you express yourself, being listened is the best compliment you’ll ever need. *Fighter: Everyone is a fighter to survive. Everyone is fighter when they are aiming at something. For some reason, my opinions can’t just be easily swayed by some other people’s opinion. And I will always believe in and fight for my ideas unless I’m proved and convinced wrong. *Positive thinker: i love being a positive thinker.coz through this i can forget my problems and doubt at all.For some incident i know that it happen for a i wont be easily bothered. By the way... I' am ... ME. (your♥) ^_- ------------ Tumblr: Twitter: facebook: Love.ü®.[♥]:ツ music code:
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